Interview with Darrin Goodman of Sonic Prophecy


Sonic Prophecy was formed officially in 2008, the band wanted to “capture a sound that had not been found in any other bands from their native Utah.” Band members include Shane Provstgaard on vocals, Darrin Goodman on lead guitar, Sebastian Martin on guitar, Ray Opheikens on Bass, Steve Bishop on keyboards and Jeff Dreher on drums.

How did the band members of Sonic Prophecy originally meet and, what brought the band together?
The original line up was built from a previous band called Ashen Legacy in 2008 after some line up changes. I was hired as a fill in guitarist in February 2012 for the Midwest Power Quest in Denver Colorado and I joined the band shortly after.

You have been together for close to six years. That is unique for many bands. Can you speak to what you have learned as a band over the past six years together?
It is all about chemistry. In order for six guys to stick together they have to be able to get along. The current lineup just clicks and there is not drama. should be “no drama”

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