Savage Gods

Rockshots Music

01. Savage Gods
02. Night Terror
03. Unhoy Blood
04. Dreaming of the Storm
05. Man the Guns
06. Walk Through the Fire
07. A Prayer Before Battle
08. Iron Clad Heart
09. Man and Machine
10. Chasing the Horizon

* * *

Shane Provstgaard – Vocals
Darrin Goodman – Guitars
Sebastian Martin – Guitars
Ron Zemanek – Bass
Matt LeFevre – Drums

* * *

Bass Arrangements on Savage Gods, Night Terror, Man the Guns, Walk Through the Fire, Iron Clad Heart, and Chasing the Horizon performed by Ray Opheikens.
Bass Arrangements on Unholy Blood, Dreaming of the Storm, A Prayer Before Battle, and Man and Machine performed by Garrett Paine Gridley.
Keyboard and Orchestral Arrangements on Dreaming of the Storm and Walk Through the Fire performed by Mark Stevenson – “MAS Productions”
Keyboard Arrangement on Savage Gods and Man the Guns performed by Matt Hepworth. Backing vocals on Iron Clad Heart performed by Matt Hepworth – “Studio Nu”

Produced and arranged by Matt Hepworth, Shane Provstgaard, Darrin Goodman, and Matt LeFevre

Vocals recorded at “Studio Nu” by Matt Hepworth
All Guitars recorded at “Sonic Mill” by Darrin Goodman
Engineered and mixed by Matt Hepworth at “Studio Nu”
Mastered by Stephen Smith at Soundsmiths Mastering, Asheville

Cover art, band logo, and band symbol concept by Sonic Prophecy and Aldo Requena
Cover art, Band logo, band symbol, CD design, and booklet design by Aldo Requena (Valgorth) –

Darrin Goodman would like to thank the following companies for their continued endorsement and support: Joseph Fortmuller at Sinister Guitar Picks, Bob Gilmore at Gilmore Custom Cases, and Hank Lee at Spear Guitar.

Matt Lefevre is endorsed by and uses Soultone Cymbals.