A Divine Act Of War

Sonic Prophecy Management

01. In Nomine Victoria
02. Call Of Battle
03. Solar Run
04. Lady In The Flame
05. A Warrior’s Destiny
06. Sacred Ashes
07. Heavy Artillery
08. Juggernaut
09. Canticle
10. A Divine Act Of War
11. A Warrior’s Destiny [*]
[Bonus Orchestral Version]

* * *

Shane Provstgaard – Vocals
Austin Dixon – Guitars
Steve Bishop – Guitars
Michael Graybill – Bass
Jeff Dreher – Drums

* * *

All keyboards performed by C.J. Lewis, except tracks 4 & 8 by Austin Dixon.
Drums on this recording performed by Tommy Hughes, except tracks 9 & 10 by Jeff Dreher.
Vocals on track 1 by the lovely and talented Brooke Bosler.

Produced and arranged by Matt Hepworth and Austin Dixon.
Engineered, recorded, and mixed by Matt Hepworth at Studio Nu.

Mastered at Vault Mastering by Nathan James.

Cover art and band logo concept by Sonic Prophecy and Valgorth.
Cover art, band logo, and booklet design by Valgorth at Hammerblaze Art Studio